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Final exam period

Currently having final exam, will not be update that often during these 2 weeks. By the way, today's the first paper - Management Principles and I screwed up.. = ="' Another 5 subjects to go, hwaiting!


My timetable for Y2S1

Eh em~ This is my timetable for next semester. I purposely make my timetable loose a bit so that I won't suffer like how I am, for this semester. Before I was thinking that squeezing everything together will be better, as I have more time to relax. However, I realized that I was completely WRONG after I go through this semester. The arrangement of the timetable would kill me, seriously. I never consider about the distance of the venue where lecture is held, the transportation etc. I was rushing here and there like hell, especially for Tuesday and Thursday. Not only that, I have classes from 8am till 5pm when Tuesday, with only half and hour break in between! That's why, my life for this semester is like hell.

Hmm~ anyway it's ok, at least I've learnt a lesson. I guess this semester should be better.



Thanks to Harry, I just finished an animation that I had missed out - UP. I have no idea why I did not know of the animation before, since it's a very popular animation. Despite the beautiful graphics and interesting storyline, what would be the most important is, the message that the movie is trying to give us. Watch it if you haven't, or else you'll regret :D ..


Corey Vidal

Another EPIC I found from the Youtube - Corey Vidal. He introduced himself on Facebook by saying that: "Hello there. My name is Corey. I am literate, a ninja, and have opposable thumbs. I blow bubbles in your milk when you're not looking." Ha, he's cute. Have a look at his video and you'll be amazed by his awesomeness...

'Star Wars (John Williams Is The Man)' medley -
Corey Vidal and Moosebutter - a cappella tribute

Click the links below to know more about him:
[Corey's Homepage] [Corey's Facebook]


Perpetuum Jazzile

I just found out another great vocal performers group from the Youtube - Perpetuum Jazzile. Hope you'll like them!

Perpetuum Jazzile is a Slovenian choir that performs jazz and popular music. It was founded as Gaudeamus Chamber Choir in 1983 by Marko Tiran. In 2001, Tiran passed the art directorship of the choir to Tomaž Kozlevčar, the renowned music producer, arranger and vocalist.

The choir consists of both female and male singers. They are occasionally augmented by jazz instrumentalists from the RTV Slovenia Big Band and Slovenian pop stars such as Alenka Godec, 6Pack Čukur, Alya, Oto Pestner, Jan Plestenjak, Nuša Derenda and others.

The choir uses a wide spectrum of jazz styles, performing complex and dense harmonies, characteristic of close harmony music. They were originally inspired by Gene Puerling, The Singers Unlimited, and The Swingle Singers. They perform bossa nova and swing music, as well as funk, gospel and pop, either a cappella with vocal percussionist Sašo Vrabič aka. Multitask, or with a jazz trio.(adapted from Wikipedia)

Perpetuum Jazzile - Africa

How to train your dragon

Whew.. Just finished the movie "How to Train Your Dragon". One word, AWESOME! I enjoyed the movie very much.
(Yea yea i know it's a bit late to talk about this movie~)

The graphics, storyline, everything.. had amazed me. And what attracted me the most was the Toothless!! I wish I could own him as a pet. He's too cute ><"'

However, somehow I found that it has some similarities with the Avatar. (Hopefully I'm not wrong huh?) For example, the way that the main characters interact - Hiccup vs Toothless / Jake Sully vs Neytiri.. They learned the enemy's lifestyle.. The built a strong relationship with the enemy.. Both of their nation finally became friends after a disaster.. And they ride dragons :D ~

Anyway, they are great movies! Err.. what else.. I'm not good at giving comment on movies xD ~ So I'm ending this post by "I love Toothless!!"


Last day of my Y1S3

Today's my last day of Y1S3. After submitted my Signals assignment in the afternoon, I decided to go back home even though I really do not wish to see her face. Seriously, I feel like vomiting every time when I see her retarded face. *PUKE* However, a long and good sleep is what I need now and I don't think I could sleep in Uni. So, if I'm at home I could just sleep and will not see her stupid face :) ~

On the way back from Uni, I saw an extremely beautiful blue bird which I never saw it before. At the moment I was like "WOW.." and stunned at the road side for few secs. It has blue feather with yellow and black stripes, and a long maroon beak. But the sad thing is, when I was trying to quietly get near to the tree where it stood on, it flew away! *SIGH* I just wanna have a clearer look on it ehh ~

Before I write this post, I spent about 40mins to search on the internet about some information of the bird BUT FAILED. I can't found the exactly same bird that I saw. *another SIGH* At most what I found were the BEE-EATER and the KINGFISHER, which are the closest to what I saw. I wonder what kind of bird it is huh?

-++ Rare bird could bring me good luck, perhaps? ++-




听见仿佛玻璃被撞裂的声音。声音不大,却明显刺耳。摸一下眼角发现湿湿的,啧… 怎么会这样?不是早已经干了吗?胸口随着传来一阵剧痛。伸出按在胸口前的右手,发现原来心在淌血… 泪水一串串划过了脸颊,血液一滴滴染红了衣服,不堪的回忆也一幕幕重现。

糟糕… 好不容易把那回忆深锁在最深处,却又让它溜出来捅了我一下下。接着,懊悔、愧疚、惋惜、遗憾等等,也跑了出来凑热闹。可见这么久以来,我还是不能释怀…


这篇是我刚才在偶然的情况下,在面子书上不小心看见了某样东西而写的… 也顺便放一篇在这里吧…



From now on I'm gonna introduce a lot of great stuff here, which is still quite 'unpopular' around us. To my friends, do support them if you like them too =).. Today I'm introducing "The Voca People". Their voices attract me deeply when the first time I saw their performance on Youtube.

The Voca People are friendly aliens from the planet Voca, somewhere behind the sun.. where all communication is made by music and vocal expressions. The Voca people believe that life is music and music is life. They visit planet Earth and they have a lot to sing about. (adapted from The Voca People's HOMEPAGE).

Actually based in Israel, The Voca People group consists of five men and three women with amazing voices. They use those voices in a phenomenal acappella method, creating not just music but vocals that imitate the sounds of drums and other musical instruments, creating an awesome blended sound in a humorous and entertaining way. In other words, they put on a great show for their very appreciative audiences. (adapted from

Click here to visit their Facebook page.


Pon and Zi

I'm so in love with Pon and Zi lately.. OMG they are way too cute! Although it is simple, only an image with few words as dialogue for every episode BUT it can easily melt everyone's heart.. Of course, it melts my heart too :D

Pon and Zi were first drawn by Jeff Thomas (aka Azuzephre) in the last few months of 2004. Originally gray and nameless, Pon and Zi soon had names and a bit more color. Pon is the yellow, zealous instigator, and Zi is Pon's blue, sometimes apathetic counterpart. Neither is assigned a gender so that each reader can decide for themselves which character they identify with more..(adapted from Facebook Pon and Zi fan page)

Whoever interested may CLICK HERE to go visit their fan site. Have a look at the gallery and for sure, you'll be touched. You may also join their Official Facebook Page.

This is one of my favourite :P ~ Go to the fan site for more!


Another small renovation

Just changed a new header for my blog.
Bid farewell to my old header..
Coincidentally, all my headers are being created and replaced in the middle of the month..
LOL.. seems like my "art cells" are only active within this period huh..





多么诗情画意,形容得多么生动,经典得深入民心..一个字, 赞!
附注: 请用四川腔朗读, 效果更佳..

八月中秋山林凉 风吹大地草枝摆
甘霖老母赶羚羊 来年羊毛超级买
草枝摆阿赶羚羊 赶羚羊阿草枝摆
庭院织芭为君开 都兰山晓金橘摆
天摇地动舟渡岚 呜呼甘霖老迹埋
金橘摆阿老迹埋 老迹埋阿金橘摆


Meaningful day

Just came back from Chee How's church.. Today's weather is hot like hell ar..
I've done something very meaningful today..
which is -- BLOOD DONATION!!
Haha.. maybe for some of you, this is just a common thing..
But this is my first time to do so..
And i feel that it is a very meaningful activity..
I thought that it's very scary before but in fact it's not!
No pain, no uneasy felling, nothing!
Guess I gotta donate more in the future.. xD..
The first photo is during preparation of "sucking blood"..
And the second one is during "sucking blood".. Hahaha...
To whoever who see this post, please donate blood if u can..
Cuz (who knows..) maybe 1 day you might need it / need someone else to donate to you..


BUSY week

Those assignments and reports can't be delayed anymore..
Gotta finish before due or else I'm gonna fail the subject >< ..
Anyway I guess I've failed my Signal test this wednesday..
I've studied for so long time..
But the exam came out WEIRD questions that I never see b4!
Haiz.. *sadded*
Btw I just learned how to use MultiSim lately in order to complete my Analogue lab2 report..
That's a cool program, as everything can be done 'virtually' by the computer.
Currently rushing Signal reports.
There are still a lot of things need to finish in this 2 weeks!
Maths exam.. Analogue assignment.. Digital assignment..
Signal assignments.. Analogue lab 3.. Digital lab report.. etc etc.
And what worsen my headache is, FINAL EXAM IS NEAR TOO!
Guess my friend was right..
UTAR can be defined as:
- Universiti Tak Ada Rehat
- Unlimited Tests Assignments Reports
I'm so damn exhausted!!!