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3 more years

It's ok,
Just bear with it..
for another 3 years..
And I'm free.
Free from the haunted house,
from being a slay of the Witch.

It's ok,
Just bear with it..
for another 3 years..
And I'm rich.
Rich of freedom..
Rich of happiness..
Rich of peace..

It's ok,
Just bear with it..
for another 3 years..
And I'm a man.
Remove the mask that covered me
for years,
and be myself.
Untie the string on my wrist
and get whatever I wish to,
do whatever I want to.

It's ok,
Just bear with it..
for another 3 years.


It has been a long time

It has been a long time since the last time I was here. Not in the mood of blogging..
Many things had happened, and I have grown up quite a lot..

==> 1stly, I bought a pair of slippers.. I like it a lot ^^

==> 2ndly, I went to court and saw someone that I really do not wish to see..

Time flies..
2 years..

He has more white hair now, and look fatter. Guess he's having a better life now, with his new girlfriend?

When I saw him in front of the court, he tried to call me but I did not give any response. I saw that his tears were almost to burst out at the moment, and it shattered my heart too. Frankly speaking, I do not hate him but don't know why, I just don't wish to see him. I know he wasn't the 1 who cause everything to happen but I just couldn't accept his irresponsibility.

I even thought of giving my new contact num to him but I didn't do so, at last. Yesterday he called my house num, and my sis answered the phone. She scolded him and hung up. Maybe I shall explain everything to my sis somedays later, as she's still blur about what had happened. In fact, the main cause of this issue is the 1 who actually I hate the most, yet I couldn't do anything to her.

It was the first time I entered the court, and I took some pics of it (illegally I guess, coz no one's there and I didn't ask for any permission =X)

==> 3rdly, I went back to ACE to spend my sem-break and that was the first time I ate Nepal food. It was totally a new taste for me. Simple but delicious, this is the characteristic of their food. *Yummy*

But I didn't get to take a photo of the food. ><"'