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Result is OUT few days ago and it is OUT OF MY EXPECTATION!! I got 2.6 for this sem!! That's unbelievable!! I guess UTAR dragged the passing marks to very low, especially for certain subjects like Analogue Electronics and Signals. FYI, that's my first time to submit "ALMOST BLANK" answer sheets during the exam. Hmm~ then I guess my other course mates will get a MUCH better result than mine.

Tomorrow will be a fresh start for the second year of my course. Hopefully everything will be better.


I miss them

Went to the "Chatz Room" for a gathering with my 3K friends yesterday. Time flies, it has already been 5 years (2005). However, we are still as close as before. Actually before attending the gathering I was worrying that we would become very quiet, shy and nothing to talk.. BUT in fact, it's totally opposite from what I thought. We had a very very good time there. Actually there were some opportunities to meet them before, but due to some reason I couldn't manage to attend their gathering, which is quite disappointing.

I miss them. I miss the happy days. I miss the sweet faces. I miss our silly dialogues. I miss our silly actions. I miss everything that happened with them. They are irreplaceable, never ever.

P/S: I hate my uni life.








Nothing special

Just to write something to show that I'M STILL ALIVE. Busy with my exams + a new online game lately - Monster Forest. Quite a nice game huh. There are many things you can do in the game. Lazy to explain so many lol.. If anyone of you are interested can visit the Monster Forest Homepage for further information.

By the way, I think I will have to repeat my Analogue Electronics, which is a stupid subject that tortures me the most. I got very low coursework marks for it and I can't do at all in the final exam! That's the first time where my answer sheets are almost blank! [EPIC FAIL] I estimated roughly the marks I may get, and I found a high possibility to fail the subject. Shit! Gotta spend RM700+ for it..



Just found out the longest word in the world - the chemical name for Titin. Titin is the largest protein that has been discovered by the scientists so far. It's full chemical name has 189819 letters!! However, it is not included in the dictionary. (As you know, chemical names are usually not found in the dictionary) Titin is a protein that in humans that is encoded by the TTN gene. It is important in the contraction of striated muscle tissues. Titin connects the Z line to the M line in the sarcomere. The protein limits the range of motion of the sarcomere in tension, thus contributing to the passive stiffness of muscle. Variations in the sequence of titin between different types of muscle (e.g. cardiac or skeletal) has been correlated with differences in the mechanical properties of the muscles. It is also the largest known single polypeptide. The gene for titin also contains the largest number of introns (363) discovered in any single gene.
[Click here to see the full chemical name of Titin]