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I'm weird

Not much updates at my blog recently, as I spend most of the time in W3K. Life is still the same, nothing special happened.
Went to Carrefour just now.. The word "crowded" is not enough to describe the people there, cuz TOO MANY PPL LIAUU.... Feeling very pek cek when squeezing with the crowds. Seriously I don't like these kinda places.. so many people n noises..
CNY is around the corner.. n I wonder why those people like "celebration" so much? Is CNY really that important? n should we do so many silly things in order to "celebrate" the CNY? @@ ... Maybe I'm the weird 1, cuz seriously I don't like celebration.. Not only CNY but other festivals too. I just can't understand what is in their mind and how do they feel when celebrating stuffs like that.. = ="'



Yesterday went to the kindergarten where my mum works at, helped her to decorate her classroom LAST MINUTE. = ="' .. Her idiot principal lurr... suddenly wanna do so many changes. Scared my mum till death. (padan muka dia, awal-awal dowan ask). After that, her colleague asked me to help her out at the other branch zz.. A big empty wall, have to finish 1 shot zz.. Hard aa.

After 3+hrs, this is what I did. I don't even have time to plan n therefore, I made it quite ugly XD.. All cut n paste, 3D. Btw my mums sunflowers (decorating material, also I do de) are much more nicer than that. Haiz~ the sad thing is, NO PAY. Only got free dinner, supper n breakfast for the next morning. Enuff le lurr~ can save $$ also. But frankly speaking, I prefer RM lol. She also asked me whether wanna become art teacher at her place anot but I rejected her. HaHa.. 1 more thing, NO MORE NEXT TIME except got PAY. XD~


Kaikai at WWM

Went Wangsa Walk Mall. Hmm~ not bad but not fully operated yet. A lot shops not yet open. The FOS there quite big. Karaoke, bowling etc open ler, but not cinema =_=.. Bought a book for fun at Popular book store. It costs Rm28.50 and I'm broke again. XD~
After that, had dinner at the nearby KFC. Ate 4 pcs spicy fried chicken + rice + etc etc side dishes. Haiz.. disappointed.. getting "wider" n "wider". T_T


New year

It's 2010...
Happy new year.. n hopefully all my wishes will come true..
as well as wishes of all my friends..

It's 2010...
I need some changes.. some improvement..
Not the noobie me in 2009 anymore..